Sunday, January 22, 2012

Starting my blog

I'm Lutheran. I homeschool. I couldn't think of a catchy name for my blog so I just went with "A Lutheran Homeschooler" for practical purposes. I tend to be a pretty practical person as a general rule, so there you have it.

This picture of my family was taken a few months ago at the baptism of our youngest son who was only 11 days old at the time. Allow me to introduce my family to you. From left to right we have Rebecca (5), me, Sophie(3), Andrew(7), Matthew(8), my husband Barry who is holding baby Simon. Also pictured here is Pastor David Rutter of St. Paul's Lutheran church.

I am starting this blog because I think it will be a very good way to scrapbook these years as my children are growing up. I am definitely getting a late start as Matthew and Andrew are half grown already, but I have kept a journal dating back to when they were babies, so I will once in a while post something from that journal here so that it will get documented and printed out.