Friday, September 14, 2012

Family Pizza Night

My husband makes great pizza. I don't know how he does it. Mine never comes out as good as his. It is good in it's own right of course, but it tastes like homemade pizza. My husband can make his taste like it came from a pizza place.  I can use the exact same dough recipe as him (high gluten flour and everything) and it will still not be as good as his.

That's okay, because it gives me a night off of coordinating dinner and I enjoy relaxing. I'll help him out by chopping up veggies for toppings and setting the table up, but my duties don't go much past that. I enjoy some time playing with the kids or holding the baby while my husband works his polka-star magic on the pizza. We like to call his pizza "Uncle Barry's Pizza" and the dream is that someday he will have his own place. In the meantime, he is perfecting his recipe and we as a family are reaping all the benefits.

Everyone loves Uncle Barry's Pizza nights.

We had so much fun tonight, and every night when we have pizza night. The only problem with pizza night is that my kitchen looks like this afterwards.

But after an hour and a half or so of hard work, it eventually looks like this again....
No empty sink. With 5 kids who stay home all day long everyday, my sink is almost never completely empty for more than 5 minutes..:)


  1. Mine either and I only have four kids :P

    I always have at least a glass or something in it at all times.

    We like Uncle Barrys Pizza too.Gabe still says his is his fav. He actually asked for it for his birthday but we talked him into little ceasers :)

  2. I think an Uncle Barry's pizza nith with the kids who make Barry able to call it "uncle Barry's pizza" is order soon..:)

  3. THAT WOULD ROCK...Uncle Barry has some big cheer leaders out there!